SVI and GATTAquant announce collaboration on the open GATTAscope project

Hilversum, 01-10-2019 – Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) is thrilled to announce a collaboration with GATTAquant on the open GATTAscope project and introduce the HUYGENS Localizer as the recommended SMLM processing package. HUYGENS Localizer introduces a seamless workflow to process, visualize and analyze Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) data and facilitates a complete, fast, easy and

The Cage System

The Cage System The cage system is the essential optomechnical component at the back port of the microscope. It is responsible for adjusting the focus and the TIRF angle. First, the two lenses with focal lengths of 25 mm and 100 mm are positioned with a distance of d = f1 + 2*f2. The second

The Beam Path

The Beam Path In this video we show the beam path of the laser and why at least two mirrors are mandatory to align a beam. The video nicely illustrates why the degrees of freedom allowed by one mirror are not enough to orient the beam in the right way.  It is essential to hit the

New feature in Nature

The Microscope Makers A new technology feature in Nature brings the do-it-yourself approach in microscopy in focus. Although light-sheet microscopy is one of the main techniques presented here, the main idea fits perfectly to the GATTAscope project. Building up your own system not only gives you a higher flexibility but also allows you to develop

Welcome to GATTAscope

Welcome to the GATTAscope This website gives you all informations about the project “GATTAscope”. Find out what GATTAscope is about. Understand the components of a microscope and learn how to build it. Tutorials, tipps and tricks, information about the interplay of components, companies delivering world-leading solutions for microscopy, all on one website… Have fun and