As an independent and recognized specialist, asphericon is the technology leader in the manufacture of aspherical components and systems. asphericon accompanies its customers from optical design, production and coating, full-surface interferometric measurement and documentation up to the assembly of optical components as well as their optical characterization.
The BeamTuning portfolio is perfectly suited for beam expansion, fiber collimation and beam shaping at the next level. Flexible in use, with the highest quality, ideal for your specific needs.


a|TopShapeTop Hat Converter, TSM25-10-D-D-355, 350 - 700nm, diffraction limited, outer Ø 30mm1asphericon GmbH
a|AspheriCollFiber Collimator, ACM25-20-D-B-632, 600 -760 nm, FC/PC, EFL 20mm, outer Ø 30mm1asphericon GmbH
a|BeamExpanderBeam Expander, BAM25-150-D-B-632 / BAM25-175-D-B-632 / BAM25-200-D-B-632, 632 nm, other wavelengths are available, magnification 1.5X; 1.75X; 2.0X, outer Ø 30mm 1 eachasphericon GmbH
a|AdapterIntra-System Adapter, UAM25-28-A-MOO1 or 2asphericon GmbH
APC Adapter APC to FC/PC Adapter 1 if applicableasphericon GmbH


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