Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) is specialized in developing high-end image processing software for fluorescence microscopy data. SVI is worldwide known for developing the HUYGENS Software Suite, which is considered the gold-standard in image restoration and analysis of widefield, confocal, multi-photon, spinning-disk, STED, Airyscan and Light-sheet microscopy data. The various HUYGENS software packages also include powerful GPU accelerated 3D visualization and analysis modules, enabling a full image post-processing workflow for any scientists working with fluorescence microscopy.  

In 2019, SVI introduced the HUYGENS Localizer: a new user-friendly and fast super-resolution SMLM image post-processing package. The Localizer is tailored for processing single-molecule localization super-resolution microscopy (SMLM) data highly efficiently and  accurately. Process, visualize and analyze various SMLM datasets, such as: STORM, PALM, GSD and/or (DNA)PAINT data with ease!

The processing-pipeline in the HUYGENS Localizer is also highly GPU accelerated, enabling a super efficient and interactive user experience.

In September, 2019, SVI joined the GATTAscope project as a commercial partner. Thanks to the GATTAscope project, any lab around the world can now easily build a super-resolution microscope efficiently with the freely available GATTAscope design blue-prints and online tutorials. The post-processing of the acquired SMLM data can be implemented extremely efficiently with the HUYGENS Localizer package. The Localizer is the recommended SMLM processing & analysis package for any custom built GATTAscope. Free test licenses for the HUYGENS Localizer can be requested through the link below. To acquire a node-locked or floating license for the HUYGENS Localizer, visit the SVI website, or contact SVI directly.

Download Huygens Localizer white-paper: https://svi.nl/WhitePapers

More on the Huygens Localizer:  https://svi.nl/Huygens-Localizer

Request a test license:  https://svi.nl/LicenseRequest

Contact SVI: https://svi.nl/SVI-Contact


Huygens LocalizerA new user-friendly and fast super-resolution SMLM image post-processing packageScientific Volume Imaging b.v.

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